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Cinema For All Enquiry Service Hours

As we head back to working at the office, the Cinema For All Team wish to keep you updated about the best time to catch us on the phone  (0114 2210314) if you have a query you’d like to chat with us about.

Our office hours are currently Tuesday-Thursday, 9-5.

If you’d like support outside of these hours, or prefer to write your query, please email us on, as we’ll be working remotely and more than happy to help.

You can also arrange a call back at your convenience by using our Pick Time appointment system:


News about the Equipment Hire Scheme

Due to temporarily decreased staff levels, Cinema For All is pausing our equipment hire scheme until at least May 1st 2022. We will be unable to take any bookings for equipment during this period, however we will honour any existing bookings in our calendar confirmed prior to today.

For alternative hire during this time, we recommend finding a local AV company or getting in touch with another local community cinema to see if you can borrow their kit. You can find other community cinemas near you using

We do apologise if this is disappointing, however we aim to be back to full staff levels very soon.

Cinema For All Christmas closures

The Cinema For All office will be closed for our winter break from 5pm on 17th December. Staff will be offline and will return on 5th January.

If there are any film licences that you would like to book from our Booking Scheme, please send in your booking request forms by no later than 13 December to make sure that they are processed in time.

Please note: we are unable to send any discs out during this time.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us at

The Film Society of the Year Awards 2021

Congratulations to all the Film Society of the Year Awards winners for 2021! It’s been an unusual year, with different categories, but there still is so much to celebrate!

Watch the ceremony
*online until 30 November*

WINNER: Little Wing Film Festival

WINNER: Grassmarket Community Picturehouse
COMMENDATION: East Lothian Library Service, Manchester and Salford Film Society

WINNER: Other Cinemas
DISTINCTION: Little Wing Film Festival, Wimbledon Film Club
COMMENDATIONS: T A P E Collective , UFP Film Club

WINNER: Leigh Film
DISTINCTION: No Planet B Film Club
COMMENDATION: Wimbledon Film Club

WINNER: Leigh Film
DISTINCTION: Grassmarket Community Picturehouse
COMMENDATIONS: Thamesmead Texas Travelling Cinema

Rohan Crickmar, Grassmarket Community Picturehouse

ROEBUCK CUP:Katherine Sellar


WINNER: Other Cinemas

Grassmarket Community Picturehouse



Community Cinema Conference FAQs 2021

Have you bought your ticket to the 2021 Community Cinema Conference? Below is an FAQ on how to access the weekend. All attendees will be sent their interactive brochure ahead of the event. 


How the weekend works
Of course, this weekend is entirely online, using Zoom, private screening links, YouTube and more to help you access the programme. We’ve aimed to recreate the shape and spirit of the usual conference weekend through a programme of screening links, live panels, pre-recorded workshops and online networking. In recognition of a slightly different type of year, we have also tried to end things a little earlier in the day, to allow you some time away from computer screens. We have made the programme interactive and easy to understand, so you can simply click where you want to be at the scheduled start time.

However, the beauty of this online set-up is that everything is available to you at your own control – meaning that you can see every film and attend every session. We have tried and tested this online programme, but please bear with us if there are any technical mishaps.

How do we access the programme’s content?
Welcomes, sessions and networking will be hosted live on Zoom, films will be available through a password protected screening link and the Film Society of the Year Awards will be presented live on Zoom on Saturday, early evening. All links can be found in your brochure.

We also have pre-recorded sessions hosted on YouTube, which you can watch along at the scheduled time, or catch up on later at your own convenience. To access the sessions, you’ll find that our programme (sent to attendees in advance via Eventbrite) is completely interactive, and contains links to all the panels, films (including passwords), live sessions and pre-recorded content. You can also find all links listed at the back of the brochure , in case you need them in a hurry. Please do not share this with non-attendees.

The Cinema For All team will be on hand in all sessions and in the Zoom Room all weekend to guide you through the programme and remind you of any links, should you need them.

How do I watch the films?
Simply click on the film link in the programme and enter any password you have been provided with. Each film will be introduced by a Cinema For All team member, so do join us in the ‘Film Room’ before you press play by clicking on the link in the programme.

How do we watch the pre-recorded sessions?
We invite you to watch these sessions at the scheduled programmed time, along with all delegates. However, you may watch these at a later time, at your own leisure. Simply click on the link in the programme. 

How does the ‘Zoom Room’ work?
Our networking room – the ‘Zoom Room’ – acts as a delegate area throughout the weekend. It will be moderated by Cinema For All staff at all times, who will pop you in a break-out room if you’d like to have a quieter chat/ talk to someone in particular. You can request this through the Zoom Live Chat function as and when you need it. In addition, we encourage you to chat, share and celebrate on social media using our hashtags #fsoy2021 and #cinemaforall. You can also chat during the sessions using Zoom Live Chat, which will be moderated by the Cinema For All team.

What about the Film Society of the Year Awards?
This year’s award ceremony is being presented live from the Cinema For All office in Sheffield by Chief Executive, Deborah Parker and our Chair, Dr. Gemma Bird. In recognition of the times we live in, the awards are slightly different this year, with categories such as Best Audience Engagement celebrating the wonderful work community cinemas did to support audiences during lockdown. Join us in the Film Screening Room from 17.00 on Saturday.

 Will I be able to watch the sessions and films afterwards?
Yes! If you missed any of the sessions, or films, you will be able to see them afterwards – you have until the end of Sunday to watch the films. The live sessions will be recorded, uploaded to YouTube and sent to all attendees after the conference and will be available until 30 November.

Can I share the links with my team?
We’re afraid only people that have bought tickets will be able to watch the sessions and films. If you’d like them to access the weekend’s content, please send them the link to buy a ticket. Prices start from only £15 and there are even bursaries still available!

Will you be able to help me with tech?
We will be able to help if there is a problem with any of our links, or sessions (either contact us on Zoom Live Chat, or email and troubleshoot any issues you may have. However, we won’t be able to help if the issue is with your own computer, or broadband bandwidth.

Will there be BSL/ captions?
Yes, both are available via Zoom. Our friends and BSL interpreters David and Leanne will be back again this year, and can be viewed via Zoom should you like to watch their stream. Captioning is also available via Zoom on all live sessions, and all pre-recorded content will be available with captions.

Can I still come to a session if I missed the start?
Yes, this is totally fine – you can also catch up afterwards on anything you missed, and you can start the film screenings yourself by following the links.

How will the AGM work?
Follow the link in the interactive programme at the scheduled start time (Sunday, 1.30pm). The trustees will be there to guide you through the session. We will mute all participants to begin with as we move through the agenda, but there will be room for pre-submitted questions towards the end, as well as a chance to chat to the trustees informally after the business of the AGM has concluded. All AGM papers can be found here:
If you are a current, fully paid up member of Cinema For All, you may vote on the agenda points on the day and in the trustee election. We will walk you through how to do that in the session.
As previously communicated, any formal AGM questions should have been pre-submitted by email.

Is there a safer spaces policy/ code of conduct?
Yes, as with all Cinema For All events, we operate a Safer Spaces Policy.

We are also operating a Code of Conduct to help us manage any inappropriate language, or behaviour throughout the weekend, as well as keeping a spirit of learning, cooperation and support. All attendees have been sent this in advance of the weekend.

  • We welcome delegates with disabilities. All conference sessions are BSL interpreted and have the option to have captions. Please email us on if you have any concerns, or requirements and we will be happy to help.
  • If you need a quiet space, or would like to have a quiet conversation at any point throughout the weekend, please let us know and we’ll pop you in a Zoom break-out room (see FAQs for more).
  • We can provide a larger print version of this brochure on request.
  • Cinema For All operates a Safer Spaces Policy at all of our events. Please be respectful of all delegates and alert a member of staff if something troubles you.

We have programmed plenty of time for you to network and catch up over the week, with our ‘Zoom Room’ being open at all times, good, long lunch breaks and a chance to celebrate with others on Saturday evening. If you’d like more formal networking opportunities, or to be introduced to someone in particular, please let staff know and they will help you.

Be a part of the Mark Thomas tour!

Be part of a national tour! Exclusive community cinema opportunity! 

Inspirational comedian and activist Mark Thomas is planning a fabulous new Feb / March 2022 tour: Product (showing iconic clips from the 90s Channel 4 Comedy Product TV show on the big screen with in person commentary from Mark and special guests) and wants community cinemas to get involved!

“Most performers tend to think about the next gig and I have not given much thought about the Product for 25 years. I started going through the episodes, with my old producer Geoff Atkinson, and realised I had forgotten how much fun the Product was, how daring we were, how much we got away with and how we did it by the skin of our teeth. I had forgotten our defeats and our victories, the laws we changed, the companies we spiked, the MP’s we caught. Looking at it again I realised this is the story of how a group of people began to learn how powerful TV could be as a medium for change, how real our enemies would be and how we got out before we joined their mediocrity.  Was it worth the emotional damage, the panics and turbulence of that work schedule that relied so heavily on improvisation and chance? Was it worth burning so many bridges to make the show? Was it worth burning them to walk away? F***yeah!”

The Mark Thomas Comedy Product rocked the 90’s TV world. For 7 years, 6 series and a host of specials, The Comedy Product caused mayhem on Channel 4’s airwaves.

Challenging corporations, upending politicians and their failures. The show quite literally exposed corruption and stopped arms deals, changed the law on tax relief and inherited wealth, revealed British Nuclear Fuel radioactive pigeons forcing them to spend £1m in clean-up! And caught the Home Secretary hiding behind the war on drugs.


Before The Revolution Will be Televised, Joe Lycett, Lee Nelson, Dom Joly and Balls of Steel, this was the show that set the agenda. And now in time honoured TV tradition, it is finally being repeated and you can get involved!

We’re looking for around 10-15 community cinemas across the country who would be interested in welcoming Mark to tell the story of the series, with clips and commentary on the show that didn’t pull its punches.

Mark look backs and tells the story, from knob gags to arms deals. From risque to risky: the show that stopped MP’s careers and became too hot for Channel 4.

With favourite clips, stories, facts, updates and behind the scenes gossip from the ground-breaking Mark Thomas Comedy Product, what went right and what went wrong.

Mark will be live with guests (including the series producer Geoff Atkinson) to discuss the adventure that was bound to cancel itself before the channel got round to it.

To express your interest in hosting an evening with Mark Thomas’ Product please email with your location and venue size by Monday 22nd November 2021. Groups will need to be able to host an event between the end of January and early March 2022 and provide the following tech: to be able to screen from MacBook Pro laptop using QLab software (supplied) for video and audio, 2 microphones onstage, plus at least one roving audience mic (if needed), and technical assistance for get in and set up. Two chairs will be required on stage. Please note – the show tours with laptop and operator!

Community Cinema Conference Programme

13-14 November 2021 (please note there is no Friday night event this year and we will welcome you on Saturday morning).

You can now download the programme for the 2021 Community Cinema Conference and Film Society of the Year Awards.

Download the Community Cinema Conference Programme

The Conference, which is hosted online, comprises of workshops, seminars, pre-recorded interviews with special guests, and upcoming pre-release films, showcasing a wide range of stories and voices from the community cinema sector and beyond. Throughout the weekend we’ll also be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Cinema For All.

This year’s programme is broken up into three strands:

  • The Film Strand – showcasing the best new and upcoming films that the Booking Scheme has to offer.
  • The Live Training and Seminar Strand – sharing stories from film societies and community cinema across the UK, helping you learn, develop best practice and connect with others.
  • The Pre-recorded Strand – Enjoy special pre-recorded interviews with filmmakers and activists from around the UK and maybe even further. Watch in your own time, or watch along at the time scheduled in the programme.

You can also have your say at the Cinema For All AGM and attend the 2021 Film Society of the Year Awards, as well as catch up with your fellow community cinema organisers during our many networking sessions.

All sessions will be BSL interpreted and captioned.

Our standard ticket price is just £25, though we offer a sliding scale including £15 tickets for people on a low income and even some free places*. If you’d like to support the event, Cinema For All and the community cinema sector, supporters’ tickets are available for £50.
All sessions will be BSL interpreted and captioned.
*a limited number of free places are available for under 30s who run their own community cinemas. Please email to express your interest in a free ticket.
**free tickets are also available for those with no income, asylum seekers and refugees. Please email to obtain your ticket.
Graphic: A woman sits in front of a laptop, between a coffee and a plant.

2021 AGM Notice

Members of Cinema For All are invited to discuss to the direction of the organisation at our next Annual General Meeting on Sunday 14 November 2021, which is held online over Zoom.

Our members are very important to us, so we do hope you are able to make it. The AGM takes place during the Cinema For All Community Cinema Conference (13-14 November, online). The AGM itself is free to attend, though we hope you will join us for the whole event. There are sliding scale tickets.

Tickets and programme info can be found here:  BOOK NOW

As there is one vacant position on the Cinema For All board, we will be holding an election at this year’s AGM. If you, or a fellow volunteer would like to apply for this position, you can find more info on this page:

(Please note, only fully paid up Members of Cinema For All may nominate).

There are no proposals to approve in advance this year.

In the spirit of inclusiveness and efficiency, Cinema for All would like to invite its members to submit questions to the board in advance of the AGM. Annual General Meetings are a forum for information and discussion of any aspect relevant to the running of Cinema for All and the annual report. The board and staff of Cinema for All are keen to listen to all its members and keep open its lines of communication. Prior submission will allow us to address questions from across the membership within the limited time of the meeting. Board members and staff will also be available after the meeting to discuss any issues that members may wish to raise. Questions should be submitted by email to by 10 November.

If you are an Associate and you wish to upgrade to Member in order to take part, please note there is no price difference – simply send us your constitution and we will upgrade your status to allow you to vote.

Filmbankmedia Audience Award

The Filmbankmedia Audience Award is back! Ask your audience to tell us what you did to keep your community together during lockdown to be in with a chance of winning £1000 towards your activities!

The winning community cinema will be announced at the Film Society of the Year Awards on 13 November.

Vacancy: Office and Operations Manager

Sheffield, P/T – 4 days per week/ 30 hours
Contract until April 2023
£26k gross p.a. pro rata

Download the job description
Download the application form

Cinema For All is the national organisation that supports, develops and champions the film society and community cinema sector across the UK. Based in the Workstation in Sheffield, we represent over 1350 film societies, community cinemas, student cinemas and pop-ups making a difference to their community through film. We are a small, dedicated team working hard to deliver cinema for all.

The Office and Operations Manager is a key role ensuring the smooth and effective running of the facilities, IT, admin, finance, supplier management, data and quality management and HR operations within Cinema For All. They will provide high quality management and support across these areas, working closely with the operations team, the Head of Programme and New Business Development and the CEO. They are also responsible for and compliance with data protection and relevant legislation.

We are looking for someone with at least 12 months office management experience.

Please fill in our application form and send to Jaq Chell on are unable to accept CVs.

In order to make the best application you can, we recommend you spend some time on familiarising yourself with our work and the sector we represent.

The deadline for all applications  has been extended to 9am, 14 October. If you haven’t heard from us by 20 October please assume your application has not been successful. Interviews will be carried out on 26 October over Zoom.

Cinema For All is proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer and we welcome applications that would increase the diversity of our organisation. Reasonable adjustments will be made to accommodate people with disabilities. No discrimination will be made on the basis of gender, gender identity, marital status (including civil partnerships), race, ethnicity, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic background, or age.

If you have a disability, are from a BAMER background or identify as LGBTQI+, Cinema For All strongly encourages you to apply for this position.

If you would like to know more about how your personal data is stored, please contact Jaq Chell on the email address above.

This role is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and we thank them for their support.

Safeguarding Statement and Pre-Employment Checks
At Cinema For All, we are committed to safeguarding and welfare at all times, in line with our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. All of our employees, trustees and volunteers will be expected to comply with the policy and procedures. Upon a conditional offer of appointment being made, all employees will also be required to satisfy our pre-employment screening process which for this position, will include:

  • An identity check (photo ID)
  • Receipt of two satisfactory references
  • Documentary evidence of right to work in the UK