We are looking for nominations from our membership for people to stand for the position of Elected Trustee – there are currently 4 positions available. We spoke to some of our wonderful trustees about their experiences and what they enjoy most about being a trustee of Cinema For All.


What is the best thing about being a trustee of Cinema For All? 

Sukayna Najmudin: I have two: 1. Getting to know the staff, seeing how they work and how much they really believe in the ethos of Cinema For All. 2. Getting the opportunity to learn about and visit member organisations and seeing the breadth of or industry.

Zoe Ellis Moore: The feeling that everyone on board is very much on the journey with together and making a real difference. I would recommend others to join.

Nadine Thomson: Seeing and hearing about the outcome of the amazing films and events that community cinema groups are creating in their communities. You feel like the work you do as a Trustee has impact on people’s lives.


What have you been involved in while a trustee? 

Sukayna: I always wanted to showcase the amazing work young people do in our industry, and during my time on the board, I’ve worked with the team to look at ways we can expand on how we do this.


What have you gained from the experience? 

Zoe: I really feel that it opens up another level of thinking. Adding trustee to my CV is a sure way of drawing attention and validating my capabilities.


Why did you agree to be put forward as a trustee?   

Sukayna: Initially, I was hesitant to put myself forward, as I’m quite young, being 24 at the time, and I worried that I didn’t have the experience necessary for the position. But I am so passionate about volunteer-run cinema and I really care about the work that Cinema For All does. I think that tops anything else when running for a trustee position, and the members agreed and could see my passion at the AGM.

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