Medusa Deluxe is a whodunnit like no other. Strung together as though in one continuous shot, we enter the world of competitive hair dressing with ease; following cameras down low-lit corridors, dressing rooms, and fire escapes as a tale of competition, destruction, and humour is laid out to audiences as though we are unravelling it bit by bit in real time. A directorial debut is a tough task to pull off, however Thomas Hardiman does it with a deftness and wit that most directors struggle to achieve with dozens of films under their belt as he deftly commands a cast of powerhouse actors as they provide just the right mix of realism and absurdity to a story so unique you won’t encounter it again.

The death of Mosca, a talented hair stylist, leads onto a whole cast of characters waiting for their turn talking to the police under the most aberrant of circumstances. High camp hairstyles, dialogue, and personalities which are bold and entertaining, such as hair stylist Cleve (played flawlessly by Clare Perkins), all deal with the claustrophobia and intensity of the murder in a wonderfully playful yet also tense way (largely down to breathtaking camera work by the incredible Robbie Ryan) which challenges what a murder mystery can be, focusing on character over answers to questions.

The ambitious risks Hardiman took paid off, creating an exhilarating and exciting debut with dialogue expeditiously carrying an intriguing plot that leaves you wanting more.

Medusa Deluxe is available to screen from 02/10/2023. Find out more.