Young People In Community Cinema – RGU Aberdeen

Craig Andrew Robertson, former president of RGU Film, has been involved with the society since 2014 and helped found their annual festival in 2017, which helped propel the society to new heights. A passion for film and a desire to meet like-minded students drove him to join the group.

RGU Film is a student film society at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, running regular Film screenings for the past 5 years for their members at their sponsor, Exodus. The programme is made up of films selected by their committee and those voted for by their members, which are screened in schedule designed to suit their student audience. They use social media to connect with an audience of people who love Film and want to experience a variety of cinema and have created great standing in their local community through their relationship with their sponsors Triplekirks and their Festival hosts, Belmont Filmhouse.

The highlight of three season is RGU Film Festival, an international short film festival. Films are submitted to them from all over the world and screened at their local independent cinema, Belmont Filmhouse. Submissions vary widely in style, era and genre and they’re judged by members of the society. They faced many logistical challenges in the building up of the festival. At first, the number of films submitted to them was overwhelming, but they were able to find ways to work with the quantity. He most recent run of the festival was Craig’s favourite, with sell out crowds and excellent feedback from the public.

They are one of the few groups in the North East of Scotland providing a hub for people who love to watch great films and a festival featuring shorts from around the world ‘Cinema is an artform based around community. It is collaborative in its making and in its consumption. Films are best enjoyed with other people who love film. To get involved, look up any local film clubs and see if any would be appropriate for you or maybe make your own!’

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