Sourcing Films

Sourcing film licences can require a bit of detective work but these resources and links should get you on the right track. If you’re still having trouble get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to find the film for you.

Cinema For All Booking Scheme

There are now over 800 titles available on the Booking Scheme ranging from classic cinema, to contemporary favourites and international gems.

Selected New Releases

To make things easier for programmers and bookers, we have compiled lists of recent releases with details of where to find them. With thanks to the Cinema For All South West Group for their help compiling these lists.

Selected New Releases 2014
Selected New Releases 2013
Selected New Releases 2012

Finding Film Rights

If you are having  trouble finding the distributor for a chosen film there are a number of steps you can take to track it down.

  • Search the FilmBankmedia Database – Filmbankmedia have one of the largest catalogues of film licences and oversee the non-theatrical distribution of many major studio and independent  films including  Warner, Sony, Lionsgate and Pathe.
  • Use the BBFC search engine – Search for your selected film and the results should show you who the current distributor is for your selected format (video refers to DVD and Blu-ray). Note that this only updated when a film is resubmitted so for older films this can be out of date.
  • Browse the MPLC Producer List – MPLC cover non-theatrical distribution for a number of major and independent producers including Disney and Twentieth Century Fox. Cinema For All members get a 15% discount on their first booking.
  • Visit the BFI distribution website and peruse their catalogue of available films.
  • Explore the Park Circus website – Park Circus handle bookings for thousands of classic titles, and some newer. Make sure to check what format they are available on however as some films will only be available on DCP.

Distributor Contact Details

A comprehensive list of theatrical and non-theatrical distributors:
Distributor Contact Details.