The Cinema For All Podcast is a celebration of going to the cinema. In this first episode Jaq and Abi chat about new film releases (Freak Show, In the Fade, Overboard) and delve into this month’s theme: animation. Jaq also visits the newly built independent cinema Lewes Depot Cinema where she watches the first British animated feature film Animal Farm and interviews the daughter of legendary animators Halas and Batchelor, Vivien Halas.

This episode is supported by Anim18 a celebration of British animation happening right across the UK until November 2018. For details of what’s happening and how to take part, visit www.anim18.co.uk.

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We are also proud to be supported by the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery.

HOSTS: Jaq Chell and Abi Standish
GUESTS: Vivien Halas and Carmen Slijpen

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