Cinema For All is delighted to present your with a new digital learning resource, our beginner’s guide to fundraising for community cinemas. We know that many of our members would like to raise money to buy new equipment, so we have created this guide along with professional fundraiser Rob Shaw, who has stacks of experience of the cinema-sector, to help our members navigate the seemingly complicated and mysterious world of fundraising.

We’ll guide you through the various types of funders, techniques and tools to enable you to raise the money to help your community cinema grow and be sustainable. We’ll cover what you need to do to get ready to fundraise, how to choose the best route for your group, help with making applications and approaches, and some useful to tips designed to help you make a success of your fundraising campaign. We hope it’s useful – and remember: you’re not alone.

Download the Fundraising for Community Cinemas Resource
Download the Beginners Guide to Fundraising Flowchart