A financial package of help and support for volunteer-led cinemas

Cinema For All is excited to announce Lift Part 2 – a package of three new funds that community cinemas, film societies and film clubs may access to help them towards their re-opening. Cinema For All is  proud to be able to provide volunteer-led cinemas with the support, tools and financial aid to help them prepare to open their doors as soon as it is legal and safe to do so.

There are three different types of funding available:

  1. the Community Cinema Venue Fund, aimed at groups that have been deeply impacted by ongoing venue costs;
  2. the Cinema For All PPE fund, which will cover the costs of hygiene, health and safety supplies; and
  3. the Intermission Film First Day Back Fund, supported by our friends Intermission Film. This fund provides start-up costs to cover the first screening a community cinema puts on, once doors are able to open again.

These funds are only available to volunteer-led, not for profit cinemas. Please carefully read the guidelines before making an application. The deadline to apply for the funds is 20 March 2021 for the Community Cinema Venue and PPE funds, and 31 March for the Intermission  Film First Day Back Fund. You may apply for all three of the funds if you have the need.

  1. The Community Cinema Venue Fund. Volunteer-led cinemas with fixed venues who have struggled to pay their outgoings during the pandemic, may apply for up to £2,000 to help recoup their costs, or pay their bills. Find out more
  2. The Cinema For All PPE Fund. Volunteer-led cinemas may apply for up to £100 per group to help with the costs of PPE and hygiene supplies to support their re-opening – such as masks, cleaning products and gloves. Find out more
  3. The Intermission Film First Day Back Fund – our good friends at Intermission Film, an award-winning creative agency specialising in making film trailers, are excited to support the re-opening of community cinema venues with a £150 bursary to cover your initial costs (i.e. screening license, equipment hire and venue costs). There are 10 bursaries on offer. We are very grateful to Intermission for this wonderful support. Find out more

In addition to these funding packages, Cinema For All continues to offer training, support, coaching and more through our Launchpad, Sustain and Next Gen programmes and our enquiry service. We also have a range of new release titles you can screen for your online film club for just £50. View them here

You can access additional benefits and help support Cinema For All by keeping your membership up-to-date. Find out more here

Cinema For All is thankful to the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery, for allowing us to make changes to our activities to make these funds available. We are also very thankful to Intermission for their incredible support and generosity towards community cinemas.