Cinema For All is built upon the collaborative and sharing nature of community cinemas. To strengthen and empower the volunteers who we support, we share your experiences, tell new groups about your creative and inspiring events, and bring you together as a strong network of over 1250 community cinemas across the UK.

This year, to help you further build your connections to each other, as well as building your profile and audience base, Cinema For All will support 5 collaborative projects in which community cinemas work together to create something exciting and special for their collective communities.


Some ideas to get you started:

  • Group with other local community cinemas to put on a mini film festival/ season.
  • Do a cinema swap! Invite other groups who perhaps specialise in a certain type of cinema (Queer Cinema, environmental films, classic cinema/ retrospectives, films about the BAMER experience etc.) into your space and ask them to test their programme with your audience.
  • Partner up with multiple other community cinemas to secure the rights to a hard to find film.
  • Screen the same film in a range of locations to test audience reactions – use the opportunity to try out a riskier/ more challenging type of film.


Each successful project may access up to £1000.

To apply, please fill in the Collaborate! application form, clearly stating which other volunteer-led cinemas (community cinemas, op-up screens film societies/ clubs) you will be partnering with. A minimum of three groups must be working together to be eligible.

Download the Collaborate! Application Form


To ensure your application is successful and meets all the criteria of the fund, please carefully read the Collaborate! guidance notes.


Please return your completed application form by email to Jaq at

Collaborate! is a new Cinema For All project supported by the BFI awarding funds from the National Lottery.