The Sustainability workshop will be delivered by Ellie or Abi from the Cinema For All team. This workshop creates space for you to reflect on the operational aspects of your community cinema. With a range of activities that will help us reflect on what’s working and what you’d like to develop as well as tips, advice and resources you will gain a deeper understanding of your operational methods and your next steps. This is not only a chance to think about development but to also shine a light on your achievements.

What the workshop includes:

  • Evaluation – an activity session to analyse and discuss each part of your organisation to help you plan your next steps and gain a clearer understanding of where your cinema is at.
  • Finances – advice on keeping finances simple.
  • Venue – making the most of your venue in cost, aesthetic and working with your venue partner.
  • Running a sustainable volunteer team – paperwork, morale and communication, including a case study from another community cinema.
  • Fundraising – tips on places you can apply for funding. (For a more in depth workshop on this see our Fundraising workshop).
  • Top tips – a roundup of the points made to help summarise the key thinking points.

‘It was great to refresh some of the knowledge and ideas around sustainability of the community cinema. After two years of running, The Futurist is strongly aiming to transform into a self-sustain organisation. However, with so many challenges around, in terms of finance and administration, it is crucial to follow various guidance and create ideas of how to think of the future of our community cinema in the most efficient way. The workshop has definitely given us more advanced knowledge and helped our team to understand our strengths and weaknesses. Everyone who is thinking about the future of their cinemas (in particular in these hard times) should definitely take part in this workshop, highly recommended!’ – The Futurist