The Outreach workshop will be delivered by Ellie or Abi from the Cinema For All team. It details the aims of outreach, benefits and challenges of outreach projects, who can help you and offers ideas on outreach projects you could do. This workshop will help to give you more confidence in outreach projects and better define your project and reasons behind it.

What the workshop includes:

  • What is outreach?
  • Why do outreach?
  • Benefits of outreach.
  • Challenges of outreach.
  • What outreach projects could you do? A helpful list and look into different project ideas to help find the right one for you.
  • Who can you reach? A chance to reflect on the different communities that you could reach with your project.
  • Who can help you? Tips and advice on organisations that can help you, funding bodies to apply to for financial help to achieve your outreach project and more.
  • Project activity- an activity to help clearly outline your outreach goals and next steps based on your idea and what we’ve learnt in the workshop.
  • Case Study: a case study on Leigh Film Society and their outreach projects.