How The Fund Works

The Pay It Forward Emergency Fund will offer low level awards to address short term problems threatening the survival of otherwise viable organisations – for example, cash flow issues, securing a new venue, or sourcing, or replacing a vital piece of equipment. An Emergency Fund grant cannot be used to relieve historical debt.

This Emergency Fund is open to Cinema For All members (i.e. full members and associates. Unfortunately affiliates are not eligible.) who have been operating for longer than 12 months and requests for support will be assessed on receipt of a completed and signed application form.

Small grants of between £100 and £300 will be considered by the Cinema For All Funding Committee. Example grants for emergency expenditure might be the cost of replacing a projector lamp, or speakers at short notice, or the cost of hiring a replacement venue. The fund is not intended to support licence fees and applications for such will not be considered.

Within an agreed timeframe groups receiving a grant will be required to show evidence of the impact the grant has made and provide reassurance that the group will not be reliant on on-going financial support by submitting an action plan for how they intend to stabilise finances over the next six months. Successful applicants will not be able to reapply for 12 months following receipt of an Emergency Fund grant. However, priority may be given to groups applying to this fund for the first time.

The names of Pay It Forward grant recipients will be published on an annual basis along with the names of groups supported through the Pay It Forward: All Our Communities project.