Leaving a legacy to the film society and community cinema movement.

At Cinema For All, we know that the primary purpose of your will is to make sure your family and friends are looked after when you are gone. After you have done this, you always have the option to leave something to your chosen cause, something that is close to you heart.

By leaving a legacy to Cinema For All, you continue to support our vision, enabling film societies and community cinemas to be supported and represented across the UK. Community cinemas and film societies contribute to their community by creating social and friendly places in which people can share cinema together, whilst also bringing vibrancy to the exhibition industry in the UK. Every penny that you leave will go towards our ongoing work to ensure that people can benefit from a quality community cinema experience wherever they live, so you know that your gift will have a real impact for a lot of people, for many years to come.

It is important to consult a solicitor if you wish to include a charity in your will and they can advise you on how to do this. If you have any questions about our work we would be happy to discuss these with you and provide you with any information that you may need.

Read about Dr. Clifford Shaw’s generous donation to Cinema For All.

If you would like any more information, please contact Jaq Chell at jaq@cinemaforall.org.uk.