It’s never been easier to revisit your local area’s past through the moving image.

With the recent launch of the BFI season Britain on Film audiences across the UK can access little-seen archive film of their local areas like never before. Britain on Film brings us 1000s of films showing 120 years of life across the UK.

Find out more about Britain on Film,  search and even watch local film archive materials here .

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

As well as the BFI National Archive, community cinema and film society audiences can take advantage of the vast range of archive gems stored across the UK through their local film archives.

Regional Film Archives based across the UK collect and preserve a rich variety of local film footage. Many also produce their own DVDs and host curated film screenings where an expert from the archive can delight and inform local audiences with treats from the past through contextualised film shows.

This page is under construction. We are currently compiling stories and resources on all your local film archives. Check back for more information.