Reaching Communities Video Interviews

Reaching Communities is a recent project run by Cinema For All with the support of the Tudor Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the British Board of Film Classification. The project aimed to connect community cinema with marginalised and disadvantaged audiences across the UK. This page features interviews with participants with several participants that were filmed as the project was ongoing.

In this first video, we are introduced to three participants in the project who talk about the build-up to their first screening, The Miners’ Hymns and the preparation that they are making.

We returned to St Mark’s to see how they were getting on ahead of their second screening and we spoke to participants in the project about how they felt it was affecting their community.

In the next video we are introduced to Admit All. Admit All are a new film society established in East Lancashire with the intention of providing social opportunities for the LGBTQI+ community in their area, as well as offering audience greater exposure to LGBTQI+ films and media.

In-Situ are a community arts organisation based in Brierfield Mill. In this video we meet Paul as he discusses his plans to provide community cinema opportunities for the diverse communities of Brierfield and how he plans to build a cinema from scratch.