Reaching Communities

A screening in Glasgow Women’s Library as part of the Reaching Communities project.


In 2015 Cinema For All started our Reaching Communities project and began collaborating with disadvantaged and marginalised communities all over the UK to provided them with all the training, support and assistance they needed to establish their own community cinemas and film screenings.


Over the course of our 18 month project we delivered 71 film screenings in Cornwall, Plymouth, Glasgow and Lancashire, working in partnership with 20 different organisations to reach marginalised and disadvantaged audiences. We reached a total of 2888 audience members and 498 other participants, eclipsing our initial target of 2400 people. We delivered 16 training sessions across Cornwall, Glasgow and Lancashire and helped 8 of our partners start from scratch, screening in new venues.


We worked with autistic teenagers, Muslim women’s groups, Asian mums’ groups, asylum seekers, LGBT groups, stroke survivors, disadvantaged young people, dementia groups, sex workers, rough sleepers, foster care leavers, isolated adults, hard of hearing groups and disadvantaged young people.


We found through our partnerships that community cinema consistently created a social impact for participants by bringing people together through film in an accessible and inclusive environment.  The Foxton Centre in Preston helps a variety of people in need from their community including asylum seekers and rough sleepers. After their Christmas screening, Mandy Stitt commented “It’s the first time we have ever had people represented from all of the groups we work with and the first time sex workers have ever brought their children along to one of our activities. Film is a great way of breaking down barriers. The film generated a really good atmosphere”.


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This project was funded by the Tudor Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the British Board of Film Classification and we thank them all for their generous support.

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