Groups were selected according to their distance from existing cinema provision. Out of the 20 participating groups a quarter operate in areas ranked in the top 20% most deprived in Scotland creating a much needed community resource for local people. We also worked with a Gaelic language group in Inverness, Fèis na h-Òige and created Gaelic translations of some of the Grow Your Own Cinema learning materials.



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Groups took part in a training day with the Grow Your Own Cinema Project Officer and members of Cinema For All staff, as well as local community cinema representatives and other film-related organisations before going on to hold their first screenings. The project helped develop film exhibition skills within voluntary arts groups not currently working with film in areas to enable them to form new film clubs and community cinemas around Scotland.


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“Certainly, without the Grow Your Own Cinema project there wouldn’t be a WHALE Community Cinema. The regular support, as well as the training day (which really was invaluable), and the fee for the first film licence meant that we could run our first screening without fear of failure. It’s also nice being part of a network of community cinemas where if I had a question I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for help.” (WHALE Community Cinema)