WRS Insurance

When it comes to providing charity insurance, WRS Limited are the true specialists. WRS are a leading ethical insurance broker, with more than 40 years experience in the not-for-profit and social welfare sector.

Cinema For All members can access discounts on public liability and equipment insurance through WRS.

Pricing is as follows:

Year one – £81
Year two – £109
Year three – Standard pricing as per current rates

This provides cover for £2million Public Liability, £10million Employers Liability and £1000 All Risks. The premium is inclusive of insurance premium tax and our administration fee.

For existing groups (members only):
£2,000,000 indemnity £176.20
£5,000,000 indemnity £209.80
This is the base rate and includes insurance premium tax and fee.

Additional activities covered by bespoke quote. Get in touch with Sam on samantha@wrsinsurance.co.uk to find out more.