November Films

November Films distributes unique, high-quality documentaries
with the same artistic integrity with which they were made.

Current titles include the Sheffield Doc/Fest Award Winner PANDORA’S PROMISE, SXSW 2013 Audience Award Winner THE PUNK SYNDROME, and the British Sundance documentary THE MOO MAN.

November Films was founded by James Collie, Louis Price and Tom Walters to produce the documentary Beyond Biba out of their small office in the famous Ealing Studios in London. Since then November Films has gained a reputation for releasing a wide array of ground-breaking documentaries such as Jessica Oreck’s Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, Andy Heathcote’s The Moo Man and Robert Stone’s Pandora’s Promise.

November releases five films a year in cinemas, on DVD and online through a diverse group of innovative digital partners positioning itself as one of the country’s most influential independent documentary distributors.