2021 AGM Notice

Graphic: A woman sits in front of a laptop, between a coffee and a plant.

Members of Cinema For All are invited to discuss to the direction of the organisation at our next Annual General Meeting on Sunday 14 November 2021, which is held online over Zoom.

Our members are very important to us, so we do hope you are able to make it. The AGM takes place during the Cinema For All Community Cinema Conference (13-14 November, online). The AGM itself is free to attend, though we hope you will join us for the whole event. There are sliding scale tickets.

Tickets and programme info can be found here:  BOOK NOW

As there is one vacant position on the Cinema For All board, we will be holding an election at this year’s AGM. If you, or a fellow volunteer would like to apply for this position, you can find more info on this page: https://cinemaforall.org.uk/about-cinema-for-all/vacancies/

(Please note, only fully paid up Members of Cinema For All may nominate).

There are no proposals to approve in advance this year.

In the spirit of inclusiveness and efficiency, Cinema for All would like to invite its members to submit questions to the board in advance of the AGM. Annual General Meetings are a forum for information and discussion of any aspect relevant to the running of Cinema for All and the annual report. The board and staff of Cinema for All are keen to listen to all its members and keep open its lines of communication. Prior submission will allow us to address questions from across the membership within the limited time of the meeting. Board members and staff will also be available after the meeting to discuss any issues that members may wish to raise. Questions should be submitted by email to info@cinemaforall.org.uk by 10 November.

If you are an Associate and you wish to upgrade to Member in order to take part, please note there is no price difference – simply send us your constitution and we will upgrade your status to allow you to vote.