Monthly Archives: November 2013

Leeds Film Festival Report No.3

Nov 29

The final batch of feature films are covered in this post with a final report to come looking at the best of the short films I saw. Check back over the previous reports here and here.

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Leeds Film Festival Report no. 2

Nov 25

Part two of my Leeds International Film Festival reports is finally here! Read the first post here. There will be a third and final look at the feature films of the festival, and then a look at the best of the short films I saw. Again any Booking Scheme titles will be clearly highlighted below. […]

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Leeds Film Festival Report no. 1

Nov 13

Leeds International Film Festival kicked off last Wednesday with a double screening of Gravity – and is now in full swing. Armed with a Festival Pass and an envelope full of tickets I’ve seen 11 films in 4 days and have many more to come. In this, the first of several updates, I’ll take a look […]

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John Pilger’s Utopia

Nov 12

A long-standing critic of Australia’s treatment of the Aboriginal people, John Pilger’s new documentary returns to a subject he first documented in The Secret Country in 1985. The plight of Australia’s indigenous populations and their treatment by the Australian government has been described as “apartheid in all but name”. Twenty-eight years on from his first documentary here Pilger […]

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