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Country Spotlight: Argentina

Jul 31

In a new regular feature I’ll be taking a look at the cinematic output of different countries – looking at the history of their film industry, notable films and film-makers and what titles the Booking Scheme has to offer. Please feel free to make use of this blog, and the others in the series, as programme […]

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Two greats of contemporary asian cinema

Jul 24

The latest distributor to join the BFFS Booking Scheme is Third Window Films, with 30 new titles representing some of the best of contemporary Asian cinema. In this post I review two of the new films, Himizu a love story and revenge thriller set in a dystopian vision of post-tsunami Japan; and The President’s Last Bang, a lavish, […]

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A Japanese gangster in America and a sinister dystopian future: Two reviews from the Park Circus Collection

Jul 10

Park Circus are at the forefront of bringing classic and undiscovered cinema back into cinemas and we are thrilled to feature some 30+ Park Circus titles on the BFFS Booking Scheme. With a fantastic selection of films going back 100 years to Melies’ A Trip To The Moon and A Fantastic Voyage, and taking in Chaplin’s […]

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International Federation of Film Societies Short Film Collections

Jul 8

These short film collections are available to screen for free on a strictly members-only non-commercial basis. For more information email

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Julia Vickers’ Suggested Programme

Jul 4

Thanks to Julia Vickers of Bracknell Film Society for contributing this suggested programme of Booking Scheme titles, if you’d like to suggest a programme please get in touch… An autumn season programme for an established Film Society showing twice a month plus occasional special screenings. Located in a suburban area with a multiplex cinema in […]

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Brian Clay’s Suggested Programme

Following on from the Fantasy Film Programmes from Richard and Bryony, we’ve asked community cinema programmers to give their suggestions for a film programme. These programmes will form a regular feature for the blog so if you want to suggest your own please get in contact at In this post Brian Clay from BFFS […]

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Fantasy Film Programme

Jul 2

Hello, Though I’ve posting on here a bit already, while volunteering in the BFFS office, I have just started as  the new Booking Scheme Coordinator. So what better way to introduce myself than by talking about some films that I love? Following on from Bryony’s post I’ve selected a fantasy film society programme that, if […]

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Girlfriend in a Coma Exclusive Interview

This week the Booking Scheme Blog welcomes Deborah, our Managing Director, to tell us about one of the latest titles on the BFFS Booking Scheme, the dazzling documentary Girlfriend in a Coma. Deborah talked with the film’s director, writer and producer, Annalisa Piras, and co-writer and former editor of the Economist, Bill Emmott. The film […]

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