Cinema For All has three categories of membership:

  1. Full Member – this category is for groups that screen films in their community, share the charitable objectives of Cinema For All, are volunteer-led and not-for-profit. You must send us a copy of your written constitution (or governing documents) to be eligible for full membership.
  2. Associate – this category is for groups that screen films in their community, are volunteer-led are not-for-profit. These groups can access most of the same services as members, but are not eligible to vote at the AGM or nominate a board candidate. It is also an acceptable level of membership for organisations without a written constitution.
  3. Affiliate – our free category of membership is for groups or individuals that want to stay ‘in-the-loop’, receive sector updates and have limited access our advice and support services. To access the full range of Cinema For All benefits: Booking Scheme, our insurance discounts and other fantastic benefits, Affiliates just need to upgrade.


The cost being a Cinema For All Member or Associate in 2017 is £95. Organisations in their first and second year are entitled to discounts of £30 and £15 respectively. Cinema For All recognises how hard the first few years of your operation can be, and we are happy to support you in this way.

Organisations that have been running for 3 years or more: £95
Organisations in their second year: £80
Organisations in their first year: £65
Student Cinemas: £80
Schools: £65
Non volunteer-led* organisations: £110

Membership lasts a full 12 months starting from the month you join.

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*Non volunteer-led is defined as a not-for-profit organisation that employs paid staff to run and manage the business, but returns surplus profits into the organisation in further pursuance of its objectives rather than for the financial gain of individuals, or groups of individuals. Typically this would be an arts centre, or touring cinema organisation. Members may not book Booking Scheme films on behalf of other community cinemas.