Film of the Year

In 2013, Cinema For All revived the tradition of film societies and community cinemas choosing their favourite film of the previous season. The top film in 2013 was Untouchable, followed by Philomena in 2014, which was accepted by Steve Coogan via  video message. 2015’s film was The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Your film society/ community cinema can choose the film you nominate in one of the following ways:

  1. by polling your audience
  2. by making a decision amongst your programming committee/ selections team
  3. by nominating the film that scored the best in your audience reactions

To enter, email your choice to by 19 August with the subject line Film of the Year.

The only restriction is that the film must have been screened at your society/ community cinema after 1 September 2015. Good luck narrowing it down – it’s been a great year for film!