• Are you thinking of screening films in your community?
  • Have great ideas but unsure how to cover the costs?
  • Need some top quality coaching to inspire and support you in those first few months?
  • Could you do with an extra boost to get things on the right track?

Apply to Cinema For All’s is BFI funded programme to help brand new groups through those first few tricky months. Launchpad provides new groups with intensive coaching, as well as bursaries to help you put on your first two test screenings in your community.

Selected groups will undergo an initial assessment to identify what level of coaching support will work best in the weeks and months running up to their first screening, they will then receive support afterwards to review and reflect on what went well and what needs to be improved to help shape the second and future screenings.

Coaching sessions will cover areas such as equipment and set up, audience development and programming, marketing and publicity, volunteer recruitment and management, fundraising, outreach, accessibility and special events.  Participating groups will be able to access a minimum of four coaching sessions, each in a different subject area.

To help minimise the financial risk while developing your community cinema skills and ironing out any kinks, we are offering £150 for the first two screenings (£300 total), to cover some of your initial costs such as film licences, venue hire, or publicity materials. We will also offer our expert guidance on film selection, licensing issues and anything else you need help with to ensure your screenings are a hit.

The deadline for all applications for this second round of the Launch Pad programme is 19 December 2017. We are particularly interested to hear from groups from North East England and Birmingham, as there are currently a low number of community cinemas in these areas, as well as BAME or LGBT run groups.

See terms and conditions for more information.


Answer the four questions below (no more than 200 words per answer):

  1. Tell us about the sorts of films you’d like to screen (list no more than 15) along with an explanation about why you’ve chosen this programming route.
  2. Tell us about your venue and local area. How many people can you fit in it? What other cinema facilities are nearby (including commercial, independent or community cinemas)? What licences does your venue already have?
  3. Explain why there is a need for a community cinema where you live. Who is your intended audience?
  4. What you would do to ensure your screenings would attract as diverse an audience as possible?

Be sure to carefully read the guidance notes.

As a BFI supported initiative there is priority given to programmes that support British, independent and specialised cinema. You can read the BFI’s definition of specialised cinema here:

Applicants will be scored on their knowledge and understanding of the make-up and diversity of their community and a range of efforts made to reach diverse groups within their community. You can read more about the BFI’s standards on and definition of diversity here:


Please send your answers to with the subject line ‘Launch Pad’ by 5 December 2016. Late entries will not be considered.